Monday, October 12, 2009

Theo's room on Project Nursery!

Amanda & I really enjoyed the process of designing Theodore's nursery. It was a challenge to make such a small space comfortably hold all the items we'd need while also being aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the design sense of the rest of our apartment.

Through planning his room Amanda found all these great baby design blogs that helped direct us in our decision making. So once we were done we decided to submit photos of Theo's room, and it was picked up by Project Nursery!

Check their profile of Theo's nursery, featuring some of these choice photos below.

And here are a few extra detail shots of some of our favorite features of the room that were not included, including the wild Jonathan Adler light fixture.


Thanks to Molly for the beautiful mobile and to Melissa for the lovely and unique Japanese kokeshi. And of course, our thanks to Moomer again for creating the incredible crib bedding that is such a focal point of the room.


  1. sweet! I am glad the kokeshi doll made it in the awesome baby room! you guys are too creative. hope all is well, love meli

  2. Hello! Do you mind sharing where the sea turtle artwork on the wall came from?