Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frolic in the Bluebonnets

Easter Fun

Welcome Home!

We bought a new house!
Time to celebrate!

Chloe and Nia came over to help christen the place.

Luvie and Grandpa Come to Town!

We were thrilled to have Luvie and Grandpa come down!

The "swan" balloon animal was a nice idea, but suffered somewhat in the execution.

L & G cut a rug at the legendary Broken Spoke

Daddy Time


Grammy and Grumpy treated us to a fabulous day at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. 
Yes, there was funnel cake.
Yes, there were cheap beers.
Yes, it was wonderful.


Motorcycle Mama

Little Zilker Playground

A few favorite pics from our home away from home

A Little Montessorian in the Making

Never too early to start with a little practical life work!


Party Pics

Thanks for the fabulous holiday party and pics, Barry!

Joyeux Noel!

Nola's all dressed up for a party!

And dressed down! 

We had plenty of time to goof around with cousins, aunts and uncles at Grammy and Grumpy's house.

2 new guests made the trip this year - Nico & Felipe!

Theo gives ailing Grumpy a little love

Poor Mardi got more than her fair share of attention

The girls made excellent barkeeps

Everyone loved their personalized straws!

We even got to see the Armed Forces Bowl from a fancy box at the new TCU stadium!

Proud Papa

A little light exercise for Uncle Dave

No holiday would be complete without a requisite wearing of the Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.