Monday, August 17, 2009

The Afterbath

What is it about babies after their bath? They are so irresistible!

A Visit to the Hamptons

We visited the grandparents and had a beautiful weekend in East Hampton. Bright sunshine, clean air, and lobster rolls - who could ask for more? Thanks, Luvie and Grandpa, for a great visit!

The eponymous specialty - yum!!

Theo Loves the Hamptons - a series

Some pics at the house

And the finale - Theodore meets his first celebrity!
Lidia Bastianich imparts wisdom about Italian cooking.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

You want it, you got it: The Smile!

These past two weeks have brought smiles to young Theodore. Yes, we have devolved into those stereotypical parents making ridiculous noises and cooing to elicit his smiles.

Look here at the final product and you'll see why we feel no shame.

That's Auntie Rebecca getting in on the action. Man that's good stuff.

Social butterfly

Teddy's been entertaining many guests here during his second month.

Big Shanz gets in on the action.

Rockin' in a cool sun hat. It reads "Hot & Spicy Gumbo", obviously.

Rebecca M. makes the boy dance.

Rebecca & Sara laughing it up. Theo probably just told an off-color joke.

Flipping the script, Katie takes the ball for a ride!

This is me teaching Theo the secrets of life. This is also Theo saying, "Shut up dad"