Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rattle & Yum

Here are some shots from two of Theo's favorite activities: Rockin' and Mawin'. Of course, he prefers to do this with the ones he loves.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

NYE 09 with the Halpern-Ranzers

Happy New Year! We had the pleasure of ringing in the decade with the Halpern-Ranzers down in Philly. It was quite an evening filled with friends, food and lots of laughter. Have a look below.

Good lookin' family, but who's that hippie on the far left?

We rolled our own sushi for dinner - so tasty.

The next generation of The Bus Stop DJs!

Katie & Shanz came by in the morning to feed Theo a maraca.

Meredith & Elias wishing you a great new year.

A big ol' batch of Theo

We've been really active over the last few weeks, and wanted to share this smattering of shots chronicling our adventures. Enjoy!

Theodore's First Snowfall

What on Earth is in this room?

Training to be a Stand-Up Comic (or maybe just training to stand up)

Daddy's Showing me Stuff

Hollywood Swingin'

Last week Theodore had his first visit to the playground and took a trip on the swings. Is that laughter or terror? We're going with laughter.