Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jam Session

Theo and Grandpa make some beautiful music together as Nola watches.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Theo's First Day of School!

This week Theo started school at a Twos program! He loves going to school and adores his teachers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We've had a big batch of awesome videos stacking up this summer. Please enjoy the footage!

You can also check out the Baby Lipstein YouTube channel for these and more!

Theo Discovers Dancing

Nola's All Smiles

Wizard Theodore says: You Shall Not Pass

Nola Bath with Aunt Sis 

Video Game Nola


One side-effect of having two kids is the inability to get photos posted in a timely fashion. Better late than never, right??

May we present to you a big batch pf photos from the last 3 months!

Play Ball!

While in Texas Theo got his first tastes of shooting hoops and playing baseball. Check the photos and video below.

Texas Time!

We had a delightful visit to Texas this summer to visit the family, cool off in the pool, and get Matt some BBQ.

BePop, always rocking the hat!

Grumpy gives Nola some ideas.

Enjoy yourself Poppa Chibs!

Flip-flops, the standard summer attire

Uncle David gets a chuckle.

A swimming family is a happy family.

Grammy gets in on the action!

 Mardi Gras catches a few winks with Nola

Best Buds

We get asked a lot how Theo & Nola are getting along. As evidenced by the photos below, they are best buds!