Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thinking Inside the Box

As prophesied by parents throughout the ages, no toy can compare with the box it came it in. One morning Amanda looked over and saw that Theo was had figured out how to get into the box and seemed to be enjoying himself quite thoroughly.

We believe this video sums it all up.

Picnic Party

This past weekend was a winner weather wise (alliteration anyone?). We met up with the family and had ourselves a picnic.

Theo's Fantastic Voyage

What's Happening?

Theo's been having lots of good times recently. Here are a few photos to catch you up on what's been happening.

Pure Joy.

Aaron & Ayako came for brunch - yeah!

We went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and saw some oranges on a tree.

21st Century Digital Boy

Climbing to the top stair.

Almost there!


During the Snowpocolypse, Dad had a day off from work. We went over to Prospect Park to see what Brooklyn was up to. Theo came along for the journey and made a few friends.