Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Day of Athena

Theo says farewell to our beloved Mr. Gabe!

Nola graduates from the Tots!

Nola's birthday

Nola celebrates with a new scooter and a "train ride" with Grumpy in the kitchen.

Auntie Julie's 40th Birthday

Auntie Kristen comes to visit!

Of course there have to be cute animals at the party!

Mariachis in the moonlight

Surprise Message

This just appeared one day on the wall in Theo's "nap room."

Bluebonnets, 2014

Fun frolicking in the beautiful bluebonnets!

Spring Fun!

Austin weather is so pleasant in March!

S.S. Waterheater

What to do with a giant water heater box from a neighbor? 
Turn it into a boat, of course!

Creative "Get in the car" Tactics

Defiant Nola requires some cajoling to get in her car seat in the mornings. 
There's always a new challenge!

Marathon with the Seaborns!

Gary and Lizzie run the Austin Marathon! We get some fun hang time with Violet and Isla as we cheer the runners on. Go, runners!

A Wes Anderson tableau emerges at Guero's 

Everyday Activities at the House

Making art projects at the kitchen table is a perennial favorite.

Nola loves her nap and sleeps in the most acrobatic positions.

Theo counts out his 100 items (googley eyes from the $ Store) for the 100th Day of School.

Holding hands during movie night!

Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo With All 4 Grandparents!

Luvie and Grandpa joined us for our annual trip to the FWSSR!

You have to have the right threads, of course, so we made a trip to the North Side.

Theo & Nola get to sit on top of the resident longhorn, Big Jake.


Rodeo time!

The stockshow is exciting - and delicious for Grumpy!

The hunt for the perfect grandparent photo yields some fun results.